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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the Cat Quarters?

  A The Cat Quarters is a new concept where the cats are kept in rooms instead of cages. They interact, you can get to know them, rather than judge them by what they look like.

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Q How many cats have you adopted out through this program, Cat Quarters and the CatMOBILE?

  A In 2008, we had 188. In 2009 we had 280 which included 113 at our Christmas 'Home for the Holidays' adoptathon campaign. In 2010 we did 295 adoptions, thanks to all.

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Q How can I adopt, not today, but down the road? where are the cats available? What happen to the cats after this event?

  A They go the Cat Quarters, usually. There are also other organizations such as Niagara Action for Animals (NAFA), Animal Assistance, Kitty Cat Keep, and the 4 Humane Societies that adopt out cats and kittens. See the contact numbers on our links page.

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Q How much is it to adopt a cat?

  A If you are going to adopt, we ask a nominal fee to help cover the costs, which are that the cat/kitten has been micro chipped, spay or neutered, had 1st set of vaccines, de-wormed and de-flead. We also suggest within 48 hours that you visit your own vet.

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Q Where do these cats come from?

  A They come from a variety of sources, rescues, abandoned, injured or sick that need healing. Also, animals relinquished because loving owners can no longer keep them, through death or illness etc.

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Q Who pays for the upkeep of the cats when they are fostered?

  A The coordinator starts people off with a kit, after that it is up to the family. When CAAN is more sustainable, we would be able to assist more. Any questions, there is always someone available to help you.

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Q Why aren't other vets doing this?

  A We do have other vets helping us by donating time and other vets (Chippawa Animal Hospital add Livingston Animal hospital) has sponsored the CatMOBILE as a fundraiser, and if you are interested to do so, ask your own vet?

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Q How can get I some help with the spay/neuter of feral cats, and I am also having difficulty with trapping?

  A We have a lot of people taking care of feral cat colonies and they share information, feel free to contact us for more information.

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Q How do you know they are feral? Do you have to ear tip them?

  A A feral cat cannot be approached, and they are usually rough looking. We do ear tip, it is a universal sign, and it is recognized sign that this is a cat in a colony that has been spay/neutered and is being cared for.

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Q What is the difference between a stray and a feral?

  A A feral is a cat that cannot be socialized; neither stray or feral belong to anybody. Home is outside for ferals and they are very territorial.

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