Community Animal Allies of Niagara
Commnity Animal Allies of Niagara's proactive pet retention program: Operation NORTH STAR, reuniting lost dogs and cats with their families begins by launching information to assist the public.

We will work together to provide strategies that will assist you if you've lost a pet, found an animal, and prevention tips.

We will be providing printed materials from the Missing Pet Partnership recovery tips: (see link below)

The following information is excerpted from the article "Lost Pet Behavior: How to Provide Recovery Tips that Save Lives," published in the Summer 2005 issue of PAWS TO THINK. Permission to reprint this article was given by the author, Kathy "Kat" Albrecht.
Missing Pet Partnership provides the following tips for successfully locating a missing pet. The methods that should be used to search for a lost dog, an outdoor-access cat that has vanished from its territory, and an indoor-only cat that has escaped outside are entirely different. Dogs travel and are picked up by rescuers who determine their fate. Understanding human and animal behaviours will increase the likelihood that lost pets will be found. Here's what we know so far.

The recovery tips are unique. They are 'species specific' and they are 'behaviour specific'. The methods, techniques and resources that you use to search for a lost cat are very different from those you should use to search for a lost dog or a lost ferret. Cats, dogs and ferrets are very different animals. They behave differently, they are responded to differently when people see them, and they travel different distances when lost.

Behaviour specific means the individual behaviour and temperament of a cat, dog, ferret or other species will influence how that particular animal will respond to human contact as well as the distance he/she will travel when lost. The roots of this knowledge in lost pet behaviour stem from MPP's knowledge of studies conducted into the behavioural patterns of missing people. There is a science to finding lost people and a lot of that knowledge can be applied to finding lost pets. Professionally trained searchers don't wander aimlessly in the woods when searching for a missing hiker. Instead, an organized search plan is implemented based on the knowledge of the behavioural patterns of lost people.

A Final Word

Missing Pet Partnership's website lists lost pet recovery tips based on the analysis of lost pet behaviour.
Kathy "Kat" Albrecht is a former police detective-turned-pet detective and author of "The lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop turned pet detective". Kat is the founder of Missing Pet Partnership.

copyrighted material printed with permission from Missing Pet Partnership

We currently have a family missing their beloved pet. Can you help? Please be on the look out.
Are you are missing a loved one, please fill out our form. Together we can return missing loved ones to their rightful place, your home.

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