Community Animal Allies of Niagara

Promoting A Cat For Adoption

Web site

This is the best way to get to choose from the most adopters. You can screen by phone ahead of time. You can spend more time chatting with adopters and educating them on how to train cats for the best possible manners, such as biting, scratching posts, and clapping to get them off counters. Adopters willing to go through the steps and time this takes tends to be less impulsive and more thoughtful about their adoption decision.

Adoption Events

This is a good way to have many adopters see the cat to help find a good match for them. It is moderately easy to screen adopters.

Posting Information at local businesses

The method is especially helpful for special cases. A wide variety of people will see the available cats/kittens, whether they're seeking a cat or not. People who didn't know about Community Animal Allies of Niagara will now. Certain businesses (vet offices and pet supply stores) are likely to allow you to post.

Placing an ad in any local publication

By placing an ad in a local newspaper or online publication you can reach a large audience, which may lead to a quicker adoption. Some community papers are free or low-cost - BUT the cost is yours.

Returning a kitten to the shelter is strongly discouraged. There is high risk of illness and euthanasia is possible, so use this as a last resort.

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