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Promoting A Cat For Adoption

Other Points of Note

Kittens under the age of four months will not be placed in homes with children under six years of age, unless monitored interaction shows the child to be mature and gentle, and the adult conscientious. Adopters with small children will be cautioned to monitor all interaction between the new pet and children to assure the animal does not harm the child, and vice versa.

The legal limit for household pets in the City of St. Catharines is eight (8) [see St. Catharines by-law #73-244 paragraph 2].

CAAN will not adopt an animal to someone who has previously surrendered their own healthy animal to the shelter for reasons of convenience or irresponsibility.

No kitten/cat under the age of six weeks shall be adopted.

Licensing of pets, including those currently at home, with the appropriate city or county agency is mandatory with each adoption.

All new owners must be informed of the need for regular veterinary care, inoculation, and grooming for their pets. Owners must be willing to provide proper care for an animal's entire lifetime.

CAAN is often not fully informed by previous owners about an animal’s health condition, character traits or behaviour patterns. Therefore, CAAN staff should encourage prospective adopters to become familiar with different breeds by researching through books or magazines or consulting veterinarians or breeders prior to adopting an animal.

All fees incidental to the adoption must be paid in full prior to the release of the animal from CAAN.

The decision to approve or disallow an adoption shall not be influenced by the applicant’s race, gender, age (if of legal age), national origin, religion, disability, sexual preference or appearance.

CAAN can make no guarantee as to the animal's condition; however, we strive to offer for adoption those animals, which have behaved socially and appeared healthy during their shelter stay. To enhance the animal's chances of remaining healthy, we worm, vaccinate, and surgically sterilize them prior to their release to new homes.


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