Community Animal Allies of Niagara

Promoting A Cat For Adoption

Web site Posting Instructions

  1. Use a copy of this form for each kitten you want posted. Fill in the below information, (a) through (g), in an email body if possible, and include your written story about the kitten.
    1. Your Name and phone number - this is for voice mail screening to be able to call you
    2. Kitten's breed and colour(s) - the generic term for a mixed breed cat is Domestic Short/Medium/Long Hair (DSH/DMH/DLH)
    3. Gender of animal
    4. Approximate size when adult: small, medium or large - this is a guess when they're so small
    5. Cat's age - baby, young or adult (baby: birth to 6 months; young: 6 months to 2 years; adult: 2 years and above)
    6. Cat's name
    7. Has this cat been altered?
  2. Write a story about the cat/kitten. Make sure you write your story about ONE KITTEN ONLY. If the kitten is really attached to a sibling, you can mention that in their story, encouraging people to take them together, but we still need each kitten to have its own listing.
  3. If you people to contact you directly, include your phone or email in the story, otherwise the usual blurb will be included: "If you would like to learn more about the kitten/cat, please call [your phone number]".
  4. Photos make a huge difference in how many calls your kitten will get. Each photo should be of ONE KITTEN ONLY. Save the photo as a ".jpg" file. Please send only one picture that you think is the best of each cat.
  5. Check the Web site a day or two after you have sent your information. You know the cat best and will catch any errors on the site. If you don't see the cat listed, or if there are mistakes in the information, just send an email with any corrections.
  6. Check the Web site regularly to ensure the cat/kitten's posting is still there. Postings sometimes disappear and we don't want your case to miss adoption opportunities. Please notify the web posting email address (see #1 above) if missing.

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