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The Internet has a variety of sites available for those people who need additional information about adopting cats, seeking help with caring for new cats, re-homing cats, or addition adoption information. Some examples include the ones below (accessed 29 June 2010). You can also type in "cat adoption", "pets Niagara", "re-homing cats" on Google for more examples, though we can't guarantee you'll be successful. There are plenty of Toronto and Southern Ontario organizations as well if you don't live in Niagara.

Best Friends:
Adopt an Animal (Canada):
Abbey Cat Adoptions (Cats and Kittens Toronto):
Pet Smart "Adoptions":
Niagara Pet: Cats, Kittens for Sale:
Niagara Pet Guide:
Cats Anonymous Rescue & Adoption:
For more great sites and resources, please head over to our Links page.


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